Preschool Curriculum

The preschool curriculum used at Saint Paul’s meets and exceeds the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) guidelines from the State of Texas. Based on contemporary best practices for pre-K and Kindergarten, our curriculum provides a readiness foundation to equip our students to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond. Saint Paul’s utilizes the following programs:

preschool student writing

Handwriting Without Tears (PK3-4, TK), Sentence School (TK):  This curriculum draws from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multisensory tools and strategies for the classroom. Research shows that preschool children learn more effectively by actively doing, utilizing materials that address all styles of learning. Sentence School is an innovative new writing program from Handwriting Without Tears that helps children develop vocabulary, conceptual thinking, grammar, and independent writing skills. It’s a complete, interactive program that works alongside the handwriting curriculum, making it easy to integrate handwriting with other language arts activities and curriculum.

Frog Street Press (PK3 & PK4): This comprehensive, research-based program integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. It uses differentiated learning strategies and materials for a wide range of learners and incorporates STEM education (science-tech-engineering-math). Frog Street also incorporates Conscious Discipline strategies to help support social and emotional intelligence, foster self-awareness and develop techniques for children to use to monitor and change their own behavior.

Scott Forsman (TK): This supplemental program allows our TK students to further explore the world around them. It provides inquiry-rich content with Scaffolded Inquiry™ activities, cross-curricular connections that link reading and science skills in every chapter, and Leveled Readers for differentiated instruction.

Godly Play (PK3, PK4, TK): Chapel is conducted daily in the Sanctuary using a combination of Godly Play and other curriculum. Godly Play uses a Montessori-like approach to help the children learn the stories in an approachable way, asking wondering questions to help them begin to apply the core tenets of these stories to their own lives.

PK 2 students will be introduced to the basics: letter, number and color recognition; social interaction and cooperative play; following directions and rules; etc. Selected components from Frog Street Press and Handwriting Without Tears will be utilized. Chapel for this age group will be conducted in the classroom.